Sunday, January 2, 2011

first, second, third........ love HAHA

1st january ya allah best gile. aku dah janji kt diri aku, once ada org pegang tangan aku for this 1st january 2011, dy akan jd 'teman istimewa' aku. haha, tot my mr.f but lain plak, jd mr.n.

ohmy god, its now 10pm and i hv no planfor new year eve? ok now just go sleep sara. haha,but still, i cant sleep. i call syazwan and ask him to go out with me but now its 1am already.... tettteettteee my phone is ringing, fido call me and ask to go to genting. wow~ banyak sgt kabus ok, walaupun hujan and ak pakai xcukup kain, aku xrasa sejuk, sbb dah jd heartless kot haha. smpai kat parking ak trun la dr kete and go to another car sbb taktahan nak terkencing ok. terkencing gedik actly haha. I SAW HER!!! i mean him. he got a very beautiful eyes, beautiful face. 1st segan nk tego but bile ak da plan sumtg gn dy evrytg jd ok laaa. aww, kitorg buad wish taww, he wish tht he can get my phone numb that nite. and i wish i can get him as mine haha. weyyy asal doe tibe2 aku bole inlove?omygod. but today, evrytg mcm end just like that, no texting no calling or anything. hmm, back to basic, being heartless back. thank you 'A MAN' cause u has showed me how cruel and how unuseless u are. big thanks for u guys :D wee~

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