Sunday, February 27, 2011

love again? nahh, im not~~~

theres have one chinese guy who ever crossed my mind this week. he came to my shop and photocopy something from my friend. but day by day, i saw him, everyday~ 1st impression, i feel like nothing after i has promised i wont get involved with love matter anymore. one day, he came to my shop with his fren. i tot he's a gay. when he ask me about camera, i try my best to explain it, but then he keep staring my eyes, how i talk, my lips. ahha, no way man~ i dont even like you, but then? why u want ha gay ass?
and today really a busy day for me, too many people who came to tesco =,=' but me, busy with facebook and korean drama, haha. suddenly i noticed, there is someone keep staring me far away. when i look and looking who stare me, ohemgee, its him?he look at me about an hour i guess. when he notice i look at him, he make like nothing happen, like he's not in our world, he din realize, he messed up everything haha. wht a cute act. weyy~ how come i say like tht. duhh, terrible. and i cant stop thinking bout how cute he is. fuck laa like ths.

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