Wednesday, December 1, 2010

back to basic

Finally god shows His greatness to me, everything is going right and revert to provenance. Thanks for the peace today, I know this is my present for my birthday from you (god). Now I see my world is full with flower. M explain evrything to me and I explain the real to her too. fuhh, at last, what I prayer is fulfilled. thanks god, what a day. yesterday i got my 6inch of heels and soon will gt my new hp frm mama, and wht else? my special gift from someone special, hell, since my bufday, theres have someone who has come into my life. he turn my world around, but sorry, i cant accept u in my heart. u r my special friend n not boyfriend, hope u understand :) but so far, now i know how to build a day with happiness (: god god thanks <3

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